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Contents for Volume 10

Introduction to Volume 10, 2004
Tracy Spencer: “Risking Embrace: walking, living, loving and dying together.”
Michelle Cook: “How am I a Deacon in this place? A social analysis and theological reflection on experiences in Emergency Relief.”
Alison McRae: “The ministry of Deacon is often described as being a ‘ministry on the margins’ in that it represents the church in dispersed from. How does this expression of ministry inform our understanding of mission in a post-Christendom church?”
Alison McRae: Bibliography produced for the National Diaconal Ministry Presessional
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Volume 9

Introduction to Volume 9, 2003
Michelle Cook: Experiences of the Ministry of Deacon in the Uniting Church in Australia since 1991.
Andy Calder: “God has chosen this for you” – “Really” A pastoral and theological appraisal of this and some other well-know clichés used in Australia to support people with disabilities.
Alison McRae: To what extent can we understand the Church as a sign of the Kingdom of God?
Discuss with particular reference to the Ministry of Deacon in the Uniting Church in Australia.
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Volume 8

1. Introduction to Volume 8, 2002
2. Marion Millin Papers
Walking in the way of life
Sermons Ordination 9th April 2002
Wembley Downs Uniting Church 18th March 2001
Good Friday 29th March 2002
Easter Service 31st March 2002
Anniversary of the UCA 23rd June 2002
Refugee Sunday 25th August 2002
Perth Wesley Church 29th June 1997
3. Pam White Papers Preaching
Sermons Kallista and Kennon 11th August 2002
St Stephens, East Ringwood and St Lukes Mt Waverley September 2002
4. Andy Calder Induction Sermon 6th May 2001
Outline of service for the Ritual and Pastoral Care Course 17th September 2001
Theological Hall sermon 10th May 2002
5. Murray Muirhead Ordination Sermon
Reconciliation Sunday 3rd June 2001
Induction Sermon 13th March 2001
“Living Water”
“The road to Emmaus”
6. Tracey Spencer Ordination Sermon 19th March 2001
DUCA Conference January 2002
7. Judy McLeod Pentecost 12, Rutherglen 26th August 2001
Lent 3, Rutherglen 3rd March 2002
8. John Tansey “Learning from the Faithful: Outsiders and the Canaanite Woman” 18th August 2002 St Kilda Parish Mission
9. Alison McRae “Hospitality, Marginality, and the Equality of Mission”
Synod of Victoria 20th September 19
Induction Sermon 17th January 1995
Induction Sermon 10th June 1998
Theological Hall 16th March 2001
Ordination Sermon 18th November 2001
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Occasional Papers #8

Volume 7

Occasional Papers #7

Volume 6

Occasional Papers #6

Volume 5

Peter Burke, Diakonia and community development

Occasional paper # 5 1997

Volume 4

Pam Batson, Servant Leadership

Meg Evans, It’s not fair: the anguished cry of suffering

Both papers draw on insights from Biblical studies, theology and the practical experience of diaconal ministry.

Occasional Papers # 4 1996

Volume 2

Tracy Spencer, Life in the Spirit of Francis and Clare

Barbara Spencer, The Spirituality of Iona and its relevance to Deacons

Alison McRae, Introduction

Alison McRae, Religious Experience and the Search for Community: Howard Thurman in conversation with Henri Nouwen and Julian of Norwich

Alison McRae, The Web of Creation and the Search for Community

Judy Greenaway, Diaconal Ministry – Just and Spiritual

Margy Dahl, Bringing to Birth – An exploration of Diaconal Spirituality

Mandy Blacker, Spirituality of the Little Things

Bev Fabb, Linking Spirituality and Justice – some resources

Occasional Papers # 2 1994

Volume 1

Occasional Papers #1 (1993)

A paper by Alison McRae: A New Testament understanding of servanthood: some implications for diaconal ministry in the Uniting Church in Australia

diakonia occasional 1 – 1993