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Welcome to the home page of Diakonia UCA, your online portal for information about Deacons and diaconal ministry in the Uniting Church in Australia.

Facebook page – look for ‘DUCA’ (closed group) and request an invite if you’re a UCA Deacon, Deacon candidate or retired Deaconess. 

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Rev (Deacon) Olly Ponsonby with Rev Diane Bury (Presbytery Minister), 3rd October 2021

October 2021
Ordination of Rev Olly Ponsonby on 3rd October 2021. Congratulations, and blessings, Olly!

August 2021
The induction service for Rev John Tansey into a placement at South Port Uniting Church was held on Sunday 1st August, 2 pm at the Port Melbourne Uniting Church, 144 Bridge St. On the website, it says ‘If you would like to join the Zoom service and do not have the link, please contact us’. It’s a way for Deacons further afield and interstate to join in. 

July 2021
Sometimes Deacon candidates ask a question about whether there is a diaconal style of preaching. It would be a good exercise for Deacon candidates to do an analysis of different preaching styles that Deacons use – pastoral, prophetic etc. Could be a useful assignment for candidates doing a homiletics (or similar) course (negotiated with the lecturer). Below are just some examples of Deacons in preaching mode: 
Rev Nigel Hawken https://vimeo.com/469233691
Rev Gavin Blakemore https://youtu.be/yAc2a-NgQPE
Rev Fiona Bottcher https://youtu.be/NSTtfHhTYos
Rev Peter Batten https://youtu.be/YQVbgLV_QeI
Rev Sue Wickham https://youtu.be/vZizJMWEeGo
Rev Sarah Williamson https://youtu.be/3ERZBGazscA
Rev Vanessa Williams-Henke  https://youtu.be/apt_Ll6DdsI (Videos on the Uniting Heart and Soul Youtube channel)
Rev Sandy Boyce  https://youtu.be/fO3HK4xXkxM (services on the Pilgrim Uniting Church Adelaide Youtube channel)

July 2021
Millions of Australians are in lockdown. May be time to update this website. There are several links ‘broken’ on this website, a consequence of websites being updated with new URLs etc. Will work through them but always appreciate an email when people notice something needs updating. 
Christine Gordon (Assembly archivist) has provided a link to scanned Occasional Papers so will update that on the relevant page on this website. 

We are creating a library of DUCA videos on the DUCA Vimeo channel. Check it out. (And we’d love to add to it with videos of other Deacons and their placements, or on particular topics etc). 

July 2021
The UCA Assembly was held online over the weekend of 17/18th July. A number of Deacons were members of Assembly. Day 2 included a Bible Study by eight leaders from Nungalinya College (video here) on the Assembly theme “Dwelling in love”, supported and coordinated by Rev Deacon Michelle Cook. Highly recommended. 
The study opened with an introduction to the Yolŋu worldview from Rev Deacon Maratja Dhamarrandji, a leader of the Northern Regional Council of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) and former chair of the Nungalinya Board. “To honour God and respect culture is a policy of Nungalinya College and it fits well my voice and theology,” said Alan Maratja Dhamarrandji. “I’m a Yolŋu man and a Christian man. I’m not an individual that can be introduced alone. No Yolŋu person is ever alone. A Yolŋu is always in relationship to someone and something else. A Yolŋu is always a ‘half’ of another ‘set’ of Yolŋu. This understanding may be contrasted from the Latin American saying that it takes two to tango; in the Yolŋu worldview, it takes more than one to be Yolŋu. In the double parts of my cultural heritage, I am also body soul and spirit. I am connected to the past, and now and the future. I am of those at once, I am never alone”.
Give yourself time – to enter into the experience of learning from our Aboriginal brothers and sisters.
There is also a study guide online if you want to use it with a group.

Rev Dr Michelle Cook was also one of the nominees for UCA President, a recognition of the many gifts and talents and knowledge of the UCA that Michelle carries. (Congratulations to Rev Charissa Suli who was elected President). 

February 2021

Updated (new) pageSynod, Presbytery and Theological College contacts. Password protected. Usual password followed by a dot, and S&Pcontacts.
If you spot and updates please let Sandy know or you can go in and change the details yourself. 

The National Deacon Intensive will run from February 1-5, via Zoom (a decision made due to the unpredictability of border closures due to C-19, which prevented a face to face gathering this time). There are 11 candidates – from WA, SA, Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. Please pray for them during this week. There are also many Deacons from all over Australia participating in leading and sharing in sessions. Thankful for their generosity! 

January 2021
On 15th January, Sally Yabsley-Bell was ordained a Deacon in the UCA. Congratulations, Sally, and blessings for your ministry.
(Rev Deacon Karen Mitchell-Lambert preached)
Jonathan Foye did an article on Sally’s ordination for Insights magazine. 
Sally has commenced a placement at MLC School in Burwood.



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