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Rev (Deacon) Olly Ponsonby with Rev Diane Bury (Presbytery Minister), 3rd October 2021

October 2021
Ordination of Rev Olly Ponsonby on 3rd October 2021. Congratulations, and blessings, Olly!

August 2021
The induction service for Rev John Tansey into a placement at South Port Uniting Church was held on Sunday 1st August, 2 pm at the Port Melbourne Uniting Church, 144 Bridge St. On the website, it says ‘If you would like to join the Zoom service and do not have the link, please contact us’. It’s a way for Deacons further afield and interstate to join in. 

July 2021
Sometimes Deacon candidates ask a question about whether there is a diaconal style of preaching. It would be a good exercise for Deacon candidates to do an analysis of different preaching styles that Deacons use – pastoral, prophetic etc. Could be a useful assignment for candidates doing a homiletics (or similar) course (negotiated with the lecturer). Below are just some examples of Deacons in preaching mode: 
Rev Nigel Hawken
Rev Gavin Blakemore
Rev Fiona Bottcher
Rev Peter Batten
Rev Sue Wickham
Rev Sarah Williamson
Rev Vanessa Williams-Henke (Videos on the Uniting Heart and Soul Youtube channel)
Rev Sandy Boyce (services on the Pilgrim Uniting Church Adelaide Youtube channel)

July 2021
Millions of Australians are in lockdown. May be time to update this website. There are several links ‘broken’ on this website, a consequence of websites being updated with new URLs etc. Will work through them but always appreciate an email when people notice something needs updating. 
Christine Gordon (Assembly archivist) has provided a link to scanned Occasional Papers so will update that on the relevant page on this website. 

We are creating a library of DUCA videos on the DUCA Vimeo channel. Check it out. (And we’d love to add to it with videos of other Deacons and their placements, or on particular topics etc). 

July 2021
The UCA Assembly was held online over the weekend of 17/18th July. A number of Deacons were members of Assembly. Day 2 included a Bible Study by eight leaders from Nungalinya College (video here) on the Assembly theme “Dwelling in love”, supported and coordinated by Rev Deacon Michelle Cook. Highly recommended. 
The study opened with an introduction to the Yolŋu worldview from Rev Deacon Maratja Dhamarrandji, a leader of the Northern Regional Council of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) and former chair of the Nungalinya Board. “To honour God and respect culture is a policy of Nungalinya College and it fits well my voice and theology,” said Alan Maratja Dhamarrandji. “I’m a Yolŋu man and a Christian man. I’m not an individual that can be introduced alone. No Yolŋu person is ever alone. A Yolŋu is always in relationship to someone and something else. A Yolŋu is always a ‘half’ of another ‘set’ of Yolŋu. This understanding may be contrasted from the Latin American saying that it takes two to tango; in the Yolŋu worldview, it takes more than one to be Yolŋu. In the double parts of my cultural heritage, I am also body soul and spirit. I am connected to the past, and now and the future. I am of those at once, I am never alone”.
Give yourself time – to enter into the experience of learning from our Aboriginal brothers and sisters.
There is also a study guide online if you want to use it with a group.

Rev Dr Michelle Cook was also one of the nominees for UCA President, a recognition of the many gifts and talents and knowledge of the UCA that Michelle carries. (Congratulations to Rev Charissa Suli who was elected President). 

February 2021

Updated (new) pageSynod, Presbytery and Theological College contacts. Password protected. Usual password followed by a dot, and S&Pcontacts.
If you spot and updates please let Sandy know or you can go in and change the details yourself. 

The National Deacon Intensive will run from February 1-5, via Zoom (a decision made due to the unpredictability of border closures due to C-19, which prevented a face to face gathering this time). There are 11 candidates – from WA, SA, Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. Please pray for them during this week. There are also many Deacons from all over Australia participating in leading and sharing in sessions. Thankful for their generosity! 

January 2021
On 15th January, Sally Yabsley-Bell was ordained a Deacon in the UCA. Congratulations, Sally, and blessings for your ministry.
(Rev Deacon Karen Mitchell-Lambert preached)
Jonathan Foye did an article on Sally’s ordination for Insights magazine. 
Sally has commenced a placement at MLC School in Burwood.



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New Times 2018

August 2020
Yes, but what do Deacons do? (most of the UCA)
But we want a REAL Minister! (congregations)
Aren’t Deacons only chaplains?  (a comment repeatedly made in one Synod)
We want a Minister to connect church and community – but we’ll still tick the box marked Minister of the Word as we always do (many congregations)
A series of resources is being prepared with a focus on particular areas of ministry.  The first is in draft form – it has a focus on Deacons and First Peoples. More contributions (or edits) very welcome!!
The second will be Deacons and Congregations – and in part will address the question about the role of Deacons in congregations. The orientation of a Deacon was seen as giving leadership in the church’s mission in the wider community. Rather than the Deacon being the one working beyond the gathered church,  can the role of the Deacon be one whereby the congregation itself is equipped, encouraged and ‘sent out’ for diaconal ministry in the community – the diaconal ministry of the whole people of God.
We are inviting Deacons who have been in congregations or are currently in a congregational placement, to reflect on the experience and how it has served the foundational purpose articulated in the renewal of the diaconate  in the UCA. Maybe solicit some comments from members of a congregation to identify ways in which the congregation has experienced a Deacon in placement.
Please send contributions to Sandy Boyce, and/or ask to share the google docs document where the contributions will be edited. We are hoping to have a draft version by the end of September. 

August 2020
A new (draft) document, Formation for Ministry – Ministry of Deacon in the UCA, has been prepared to  support Deacon candidates as they navigate their way through formation for ministry. It provides information that can be discussed with Supervisors, Formation Panels and Faculty, to identify the most appropriate formation for diaconal ministry.
It should be read in conversation with the Assembly document, Standards for Theological Education Formation Phase 2.
Standards for Theological Education Formation Phase 2
Formation for Ministry-Ministry of Deacon in the UCA

February 2020
Diary Date: 8th March, 2.30pm
Duncan McDiarmid will be ordained on Sunday 8th March at 2.30pm, at Forest Kirk Uniting Church, Frenchs Forest (Sydney). Rev Marion Gledhill (Deacon) will be the preacher and Rev @ Mel Graham (Deacon) will present the Stole and the pin. Deacons in NSW/Sydney, consider going along and showing your support for Duncan on his ordination day. (photo below taken during Deacon Intensive Feb 2020 at Wayside Chapel)

Introducing Rev Fi Bottcher (Deacon)
Deacon’s past, present and emerging at Fi’s ordination on 9th February 2020.
Rev Wendy Elsdon (Deacon)
Rev Fiona (Fi) Bottcher (Deacon)
Rev Meg Evans (Deacon) (retired)

Rev Christa Megaw (Deacon) – new placementRev Christa Megaw (Deacon) was inducted into a new placement with the Henley-Fulham UC congregations on 2nd February 2020. Christa concluded her placement at Bridgwater UC at the end of December 2019.

January 2020Deacon article in Insights magazine (NSW)
‘Deacons serving the scattered community’

Rev (Deacon) Sophie Lizares with the UCA President, Dr Deidre Palmer (centre)

19 January 2020
At the initiative of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress, the Uniting Church in Australia encourages congregations to recognise a “Day of Mourning” a week before Australia Day. This year it was 19th January.
The President of the UCA was at the “Day of Mourning” service at St. Stephen’s Uniting Applecross WA. Rev (Deacon) Sophie Lizares preached a hopeful and prophetic word on God’s call to justice, reconciliation and our covenant relationship as First and Second Peoples.

19 January 2020
Rev (Deacon) Coral (Cogs) Smith has retired, and her congregation at Willunga UCA helped her celebrate the occasion. Well done, Cogs. Enjoy your retirement!

November 2019

Rev (Deacon) Casey Lau, in placement at Yilki UC (SA) with the SA UCA Synod Moderator, Rev Sue Ellis, celebrating 100 year anniversary of the congregation.

August 2019
An article celebrating 40 years of ministry for Rev Jan Chalmers (Qld Synod) was published in Journey. Congratulations, Jan!
A snippet of the article, as Jan reflects on her ministry:
I was ordained as a deaconess in the Queensland Synod on 30 November 1979 in the Morningside Uniting Church, Brisbane. With the renewal of the diaconate, I was then accredited as a deacon in St David’s Uniting Church, Coopers Plains on 13 December, 1992.
I was called to chaplaincy with Blue Nursing (Brisbane Central) from 1993 to the end of 2004. The remaining period before my retirement in August 2007 was in the position of Blue Care Chaplaincy Educator.
Over the many years I have offered leadership among the people of the Uniting Church in a ministry of service to the world, exercised in the way of Jesus Christ, on whose ministry my ministry is modelled – justice, reconciliation and compassion.
In many ways I have been a pioneer and educator in community development and service programs. Along with parishioners, I established the Balmoral Uniting Community Centre and the St David’s Uniting Church Neighbourhood Centre. At the time of writing, both these centres are still operating.
These centres stand alongside those who are disadvantaged, oppressed, lonely or isolated, offering friendship, hospitality and community. My call to be an advocate of justice often leads to raising issues with the local community, councillors, and state and federal Members of Parliament.

May 2019
Next month (June), the DRAE (DIAKONIA Region of Africa and Europe) Assembly will take place in Edinburgh, with guest speaker John Bell. Rev Sandy Boyce (President, DIAKONIA World Federation) was able to attend.
(A number of UCA Deacons are attending the DAP – DIAKONIA Asia Pacific) Regional Conference in Fiji in July. In August, Sandy will be attending the DOTAC gathering – DIAKONIA of the Americas and Caribbean), and Chris Booth (Deacon candidate from Vic/Tas Synod) has registered to attend, along with Rev Jesse Size and Chelsea Size, Deacon candidate).

Geoff Wellington concluded his placement in the Canberra Region Presbytery with a service on 18th May. He will be commencing a new placement with Saltbush – Uniting the Scattered Community (rural congregations), based out of Brucedale (Wagga Wagga).

March 2019
Karen Mitchell-Lambert began work as leader of the Pulse team. Pulse is NSW/ACT Synod’s youth ministry. Read more about it here.

February 2019

Deacons Continuing Education/Deacon Intensive
Several Deacons joined the Deacon candidates for Day 1 and Day 2 of the Deacon Intensive, with input on Day 1 from Karen Paull (Lane Cove Chaplaincy), Sandy Boyce (issues and challenges for diaconal ministry) and Jon O’Brien (Advocacy Training). On Day 2, participants spent time with Graham Anson at Bondi Wayside Chapel and then visited Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross before sharing a meal at The Rocks. (The Deacon Intensive runs from Monday 11th Feb until Friday 15th Feb).

Deacons and Deacon candidates at the DUCA Business meeting, 9th Feb 2019

The DUCA Business meeting took place on Saturday 9th February in Sydney with attendance by Deacons and Deacon candidates.  The State reports were presented.

Also, on Saturday 9th February, a service of thanksgiving for Catherine Ritchie House (which has now been sold) took place in Victoria, organised by Margaret Allan, Helen Jackson and Gavin Blakemore. (more photos on DUCA Facebook page).
Here is Sandy’s letter to the gathering. DUCA.CatherineRitchieHouse thanksgiving service

CRH 1937-2018 History Narration

January 2019
Deaconess Myra Gebhardt (NSW) died on 10th January 2019. A snapshot of her ministry is available on this link.

December 2018
Rev Liz Dyson

Liz was ordained on 9th December 2018. There were a number of SA Deacons on hand to celebrate with her, as well as a large number of people representing many aspects of Liz’s life – family, church, chaplains, CPE colleagues etc.
(Pictured with Liz are some of the SA Deacons present at her ordination – Rev Christa Megaw, Rev Judy Knowling, Rev Sue Langhans, Rev Sandy Boyce, Rev Susan Wickham, Rev Scott Litchfield, and Deacon candidate Olly Ponsonby. Rev Sil Hein was also present but not in the photo)

Lenten resource 2019
Chris Booth (Deacon candidate) has been working on a Lenten resource. It looks GREAT! Free to download. Daily reflections and activites at the end of each week, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day. Some of the weekly activities could be incorporated into creative worship activities.
(Thanks, Chris!)

December 2018

Rev Liz Dyson

Liz was ordained on 9th December 2018. There were a number of SA Deacons on hand to celebrate with her, as well as a large number of people representing many aspects of Liz’s life – family, church, chaplains, CPE colleagues etc.
(Pictured with Liz are some of the SA Deacons present at her ordination – Rev Christa Megaw, Rev Judy Knowling, Rev Sue Langhans, Rev Sandy Boyce, Rev Susan Wickham, Rev Scott Litchfield, and Deacon candidate Olly Ponsonby. Rev Sil Hein was also present but not in the photo)

Lenten resource 2019
Chris Booth (Deacon candidate) has been working on a Lenten resource. It looks GREAT! Free to download. Daily reflections and activites at the end of each week, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day. Some of the weekly activities could be incorporated into creative worship activities.
(Thanks, Chris!)

Lenten resource 2019
Chris Booth (Deacon candidate) has been working on a Lenten resource. It looks GREAT! Free to download. Daily reflections and activites at the end of each week, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day. Some of the weekly activities could be incorporated into creative worship activities.
(Thanks, Chris!)

November 2018

Oliver (Olly) Ponsonby, new candidate for Ministry of Deacon

A new Deacon candidate – Oliver (Olly) Ponsonby from South Australia. Congratulations! Olly has been serving in a prison chaplaincy placement.

Very exciting news about the DAP (DIAKONIA Asia Pacific) Regional Conference planned for July 8th-12th, 2019. It will be held in Fiji. Thanks to the generosity of the hosts, the Methodist Deaconess Association (MDO) in Fiji, the costs to participants is the airfare to Nadi, and the accommodation. The food and program costs will be covered by the generosity of the hosts.
The brochure outlines the key information. If you’re interested in going, you can provide the details required on the registration form which will include your accommodation option. Please remember to pay the cost of the bank transaction so the MDO is not covering this extra expense.
Deacon candidates may also discuss whether attendance might be counted towards their formation and academic requirements and see if there is any funding to cover their attendance.
DAP Regional Conference

The DRAE (Africa Europe) and DOTAC (Americas and Caribbean) regions are also hosting regional conferences, and would be open to anyone from DAP/DUCA attending. Check out the DIAKONIA World website for links to each one.

October 2018
Chris Booth (Vic/Tas Synod) has been selected as a candidate for the Ministry of Deacon. Congratulations Chris. On his blog, Chris reflects: ‘My sense throughout the Period of Discernment’ has been that what I need to be doing is spending time near the boundaries of the church and out in the wider world, where people are engaging with and responding to the stories of our world. (I think that fits within the scope of the Uniting Church’s understanding of what a deacon does)’. Absolutely!
Chris has been involved for many years with the Indigenous Hospitality House in North Carlton, a Christian community house that offers rooms for Indigenous families who have come from out of town to support a family member in hospital. The community also makes space for Settler people to rethink Australian and Christian identity in light of our colonial history. A book has been published, Tales from the Table – a collation of stories from the Indigenous Hospitality House.


UCA Deacons Sophie Lizares, Sandy Boyce and Christa Megaw

4th National UCA Filipino National Conference (Melbourne, 19-21 October 2018)
Three Deacons have been at the Filipino NC – Rev Christa Megaw, Rev Sophie Lizares, and Rev Sandy Boyce. Sophie is Filipino by birth and has been part of the planning team for the conference, with excellent upfront leadership and facilitation skills. Sandy and Christa have been involved in the Philippines Support Group (SA) for many years, especially focussed on the Middle Luzon Jurisdiction (MLJ) and North Luzon Jurisdiction (NLJ) of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. Sandy and Christa have visited the Philippines on a number of occasions, and have enjoyed the opportunity to connect with the Filipino Diaspora at the National Conference.

UCA Assembly Circles of Interest – Working for Justice
The UCA Assembly has established a number of ‘Circles of Interest‘. At the August Assembly Standing Committee meeting, Rev (Deacon) Bea Skippen was appointed as a panel member of the Working for Justice Circle. Congratulations, Bea. We look forward to news about what is happening in this Circle.
The official description of the Working for Justice Circle: “Central to the identity of the Uniting Church is a commitment to pursue a just and peaceful world. As Christians we believe that all people are precious and that we are called to follow the example of Jesus to love one another. The Working for Justice Circle provides a space to live out this calling to be a prophetic voice for justice in our church, our communities and our world. Circle members will be informed about, engage with and contribute to how the Uniting Church pursues social and economic justice, human rights, peace and care for the environment. There will be a particular focus on climate change and refugees and asylum seekers as two key areas of concern for the Uniting Church. The Circle will support the work of the Assembly to encourage wider theological reflection and action on issues of social justice. Collaboration, sharing and joint action will be a major feature for this Circle, both across the Church and with others who are also committed to working for justice”.

Deaconess Lorna Stevenson (20 June 1922 – 19 September 2016)
In the process of updating the DUCA membership list it was noted that Lorna had passed away in 2016. She had been resident at Old Timers in Alice Springs since 1980 and had remained actively involved in the John Flynn Memorial Church. Peter Jones, General Secretary of the Northern Synod, provided a brief overview of her life and ministry which can be read here.

August 2018

June 2018

Congratulations to Rev Deac Marion Gledhill who was named in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday honours for service to the Uniting Church in Australia, and to social welfare.

Rev Angie Griffin (SA) begins a new placement in Henty Region-Grange cluster in western Victoria in June 2018.

Patrol Ministry
Interested to discover this archived article about Rev Deacon Des Cousens’ patrol ministry in Tasmania,  printed in Crosslight February 2016.

May 2018
Congratulations to Jesse Size who was ordained a Deacon on 12th May 2018 at Port Augusta. He is pictured here with the SA Moderator, Rev Sue Ellis.

Rev Michelle Cook is on the move. After five years in wonderful Tasmania Michelle is moving to Darwin in January 2019. She has accepted a call to Nungalinya College.

March 2018
Pastor Liz Dyson, Deacon candidate, conducted a wedding this month.

Very exciting that Alan Maratja Dhamarrandji was ordained into the Ministry of Deacon on Sunday 18th March 2018 at Galiwin’ku. Please pray for Maratja and his community.

Rev (Deacon) Alan Maratja Dhamarrandji and Rev (Deacon) Felicity Amery, Pilgrim Presbytery Minister.

Rev Aimee Kent was inducted into Kippax Uniting Church on Saturday 10th March 2018 at 2pm, where she will be working in a 50% Community Relationships placement. She will continue her work with Grace, the Goulburn New Faith Community to foster new creative forms of Church.

Rev Sophie Lizares was ordained as a Deacon at Willetton Uniting Church on Saturday 3 March. Having come to Australia from the Philippines, Sophie was raised in the Catholic church and was a leader in the ecumenical youth and student movement, passionate about working for justice.
Sophie worked for the Catholic Bishops Conference in the Philippines and was the founding Executive Director and Editor of a weekly newspaper. She has completed two Masters theses’; one in social development and the other in ministry. During this time she became involved with the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, a Uniting Church partner church.
Sophie then became engaged internationally with the Christian Conference of Asia and the World Council of Churches. In 2000 she was elected into the Council of the United Evangelical Mission which is made up of churches from Asia, Africa and Germany, and in 2003 she was appointed Asia Secretary, consulting with 11 church denominations in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
God’s call on Sophie’s life eventually led her to Western Australia, and she began her journey to ordained ministry in the Uniting Church WA in 2014. During her formation, Sophie undertook supervised field placements at All Saints Floreat Uniting Church, Port Hedland Uniting Church, UnitingCare West’s Tranby Centre and Juniper. She is now working as the Chaplain at UnitingCare West.
Click here to read the article, and to view pictures from the service.

Rev Miriam Parker-Lacey was inducted into the shared placement of St Columba’s and Canberra City Uniting Churches. We particularly look forward to Miriam helping the congregations implement the plans developed during the Intentional Interim Ministry process by encouraging fresh expressions of church and closer ties with the Australian National University.

STIRLING, Jean Claire (Rev. Deacon), passed away peacefully on 17 January 2018. Aged 76 years. Jean lived in Adelaide but was originally from Ipswich, Qld. (Jean is pictured above at an ordination service, second row, second from right).
Jean was a pioneer of diaconal ministry in the Uniting Church in Australia. Jean was a faithful servant of the church. We give thanks to God for her dedicated and compassionate ministry. The SA UCA Moderator Rev Sue Ellis wrote: ‘At the age of 21 years, Jean experienced a strong sense of call and began Diaconal studies in Queensland. Health issues put her studies on hold, and she worked 11 years as Secretary to the Central Methodist Mission in Brisbane. In this time, she helped with the establishment of the Blue Nursing Service (now Blue Care), aged care homes, and a community centre at the Mission. Her secretarial gifts were put to further use when she moved to the Methodist National Memorial Church in Canberra. It was during those five years that the call to ministry came again.
She returned to Queensland and was the first to train for the Diaconate, alongside those preparing to be Ministers of the Word, at Trinity Theological College.
Jean’s first appointment as Deaconess was to Aitkenville Uniting Church in Townsville in February 1981, as part of the ministry team. As a Deaconess, she specialised in music and worship leading, began a healing group, and offered pastoral care to hospitals, aged care and to homeless girls.
In 1986, Jean was called to the Glenelg Parish in South Australia where she began a similar work, developing a College for Seniors. In this time she became the organiser of the meetings of the Diaconate in South Australia.
On 21 February 1993, Jean was accredited as a Deacon at St Andrew’s Uniting Church Glenelg, following the Assembly decision to accept the Ministry of Deacon as an ordained role within the Uniting Church in Australia. She chose to take the title Deacon, and could then conduct Holy Communion.
This opened the way to her appointment as the Coordinating Chaplain to the Helping Hand Centre at North Adelaide. Her chaplaincy was across aged communities at Parafield Gardens, Ingle Farm, Port Pirie, Barryne Retirement Village at Belair, and the independent living units in Prospect. She was also the minister to the congregation at the North Adelaide aged care complex.
Jean retired at the end of 2001, but kept a keen interest in the Diaconate and the life of the Uniting Church. Her astute mind, pastoral gifts of listening and patience, and her good humour ensured she made lasting friendships with many people across the life of the Church. She called the diaconate “a treasure given to the church”. Jean has been part of that treasure to the South Australian Presbytery and Synod.

Karen Mitchell-Lambert is on the move. She has concluded her ministry role at Castle Hill UC and will take on a new role as a Presbytery Church Engagement Leader to help Uniting Churches in western Sydney with mission and community development. Blessings to Karen and her family in this time of transition.

UCA Deacon Conference

Deacon Intensive participants 2017

Deacons Conference 2016 – a field visit to Northcote UC/Chalice, with Rev Peter Batten. (Back row: Sandy Boyce SA, Peter Batten Vic/Tas, Mandy Blacker Vic. Front row: Michelle Shumack Qld, Francis Hadfield WA, Jenny Preston Vic/Tas, Andrew Nankivell SA, Christa Megaw SA, Cogs Smith SA, Bev Fabb WA)

Rev Nigel McBrien

October 2016
Congratulations to Rev Nigel McBrien, ordained on 23rd October 2016. Nigel’s placement is a continuing one as a chaplain with UnitingAge Well, in the Rosetta community. Part of greater Hobart area.

September 2016
Congratulations to Rev Sue Pickering who was inducted into ministry at Leichhardt Uniting Church (Sydney), 11th September 2016.

August 2016
Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 8.48.42 pm
Rev Bill Harris has written an article about his recent trip to Warruwi (South Goulburn Island) for the centenary of missionary activities that commenced in the region in 1916. It was a significant day for many people who had worked in Warruwi and Arnhem Land mission communities over many years.

Congratulations to Rev David Nix (Queensland)
David was ordained on Sunday 28th August 2016. David is serving in a chaplaincy placement at Wesley Hospital, Brisbane. Congratulations, and blessings for your ministry!

DUCA Qld.David Nix

Deacons and Deacon candidates will be receiving a mailing in the last week of August with a flyer for the DUCA Conference, and a registration form. They are also attached here, and will be uploaded also in the ‘2017 DUCA Conference’ page (usual password – contact Sandy if you don’t know the password).

duca 2017 brochure        duca rego 2017c

Position vacant – Western Australia
Applications are invited for a Minister of the Word/Deacon to fill a vacant placement with the Albany Regional Congregations, comprising Albany, Lockyer (suburban Albany), Denmark and Mt Barker Uniting Churches. This single ministry placement is supported by a willing team of lay leaders, lay preachers and committed congregations. Click here for more info. For more info email Rev John Barendrecht at

Congratulations to Deacon candidate Alan Dhamarrandji, ATSI Mediator of the Year.Maratja

July 2016
Rev. Ann Hewson has concluded her placement at Kenmore Uniting Church. She has gone to Yeppoon to join her husband Michael who is now working at the University. Ann will be working as a Primary School Chaplain. KUC held a morning tea to say goodbye on 3rd July.

ann hewson
Rev Ann Hewson

July 2016
Judy Sanderson is to be ordained and inducted as a Deacon at Applecross Uniting Church on Sunday 7 August at 3 pm. Deacons in Western Australia are encouraged to be there to support Judy, and all may send their messages of support to Judy. Blessings, Judy, in this time of preparation for your ordination and placement.
Judy grew up in Dallas and migrated to Perth after marrying an ‘Aussie’. In 2008, Judy was welcomed into Maylands-Mount Lawley Uniting Church where she became the Church Council secretary and also served as an Elder. “I heard so many wonderful stories of life in Australia (that happened) before I was even born,” said Judy.
Working at Clontarf Aboriginal College (2008-2011) she found that much of her time involved pastoral care. “Students were brought to me when they were homesick and when they were worried about family members. It was during this time that I began to sense that God was calling me to specific ministry,” said Judy.
Judy attended an ‘Explore the ministry day’. “A ray of light hit me when Rev Emma Matthews spoke. The words she used to describe a Deacon as a sign of the presence of God in the everyday world. Caring for and serving others. These words described my journey. “The sense of call was too strong to ignore. The next week, I applied to enter a period of discernment.”
The WA Synod/Presbytery received Judy’s approval of ordination with a standing ovation and the moderator, Rev Steve Francis led in prayer thanking God for Judy’s many gifts and graces that we see in her.

Judy (centre) in February 2015

July 2016 – Interim Director of Education and Formation (WA) appointment
Rev Bev Fabb has been appointed as Interim Director of Education and Formation in Western Australia until 31 December 2016. She will be responsible for planning a Synod-wide approach to theological education in preparation for the appointment of a full-time director of Education and Formation.
May 2016
Rev (Deacon) Heather den Houting elected General Secretary (Queensland UCA Synod)
Congratulations to Heather, and blessings for your ministry!

Ethel Helyar (1913 – 2005) Methodist bush nurse
A really interesting Radio National interview on early deaconesses in Australia.

An obituary in The Advertiser (Adelaide): Deaconess PATRICIA (PAT) MARGARET BAKER

Born: August 13, 1932; Adelaide     Died: January 11, 2016; Adelaide

Pat Baker image.lowres
Deaconess Pat Baker

PAT was a pioneer in the Methodist, and later Uniting, Church in relation to the ministry of women.

At a time of social change in the second half of the 20th century, she was also a leading light in the church for children and young adults. Her contribution will long be remembered.

She was the younger of two daughters born to Alex Baker and Flora Bishop. She attended Norwood High School and Adelaide Girls High School.

Her father, a senior state public servant, was director of South Australian Tourism for many years.

Pat began her training as a deaconess in 1953, and was ordained 10 years later, enjoying ministry at Clarence Gardens and Whyalla before being appointed to the education wing of the Methodist Church. She started as assistant editor before becoming writer and editor, preparing materials for Sunday schools and youth groups.

She was based in Melbourne but later arranged to live in Adelaide due to the ill-health of her father, and travelled to her Melbourne office one week a month.

The 1970s to mid-1980s saw creative and innovative approaches to Christian education and Pat and her team were at its forefront.

Witty, and a lively storyteller, Pat made many friends in Australia and overseas.

In 1977 the Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian churches combined to form the Uniting Church. Pat was proud to remain a deaconess, despite it becoming possible for her to become a deacon.

It was a busy time as she worked with the Commission on Liturgy which aimed to bring together the sacraments and worship of the three churches.

At the same time she led worship for the 9.30am community at Pilgrim Church on Flinders St in Adelaide.

As a representative of the Commission on Liturgy, Pat went to the Philippines for the East Asian Conference on Music and Liturgy, joining attendees from many countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Pat died suddenly at Resthaven Leabrook, where she had been active organising worship and social activities in the final years of her life.

April 2016

DIAKONIA World Federation April Prayer Letter
For the first time since World War II, the UN Refugee Agency placed the number of forcibly displaced refugees worldwide at 59.5 million. Even in Biblical times, we read about people who crossed a border for trade or protection, were trafficked across a border, or exiled to another country.
We pray for the protection of those forced to flee, embrace those who have made it safely to our country, and celebrate how our new neighbors have become beacons of hope and renewal in our communities. Together, we have welcomed the stranger in Christ’s name.
We pray:
Mighty Lord, as you guided the Israelites, through the wilderness,
be a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day
for refugees in search of new hope and new life.
As you brought the Israelites out of bondage to freedom,
bring refugees out of persecution to safety.
As you protected the Israelites through 40 years in the desert,
protect those who languish for years in refugee camps.
Wipe away their tears of sorrow,
that their mourning may give way to joyous hope.
Put an end to warfare and tyranny,
that some may return home without fear of violence.
Open the doors of safer nations,
that some may find new homes in new lands.
Rebuild their lives,
that they might enjoy the fruit of labors in peace.
Revive their hope,
that they might face a future with promise.
Shine your grace upon them,
That they might know your love.
Strengthen their bonds of friendship and family,
That we might serve one another with encouraging love.
Bless our nation with a spirit of openness,
That our communities and country may be renewed and strengthened by newcomers.
And inspire your churches to welcome the stranger,
That together we might build communities of hope where strangers become
neighbors and friends, and brothers and sisters. Amen.
(prepared by Deaconess Diane Kaufmann, and adapted from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, ELCA Refugee Sunday Kit)

Congratulations to Rev (Deac) Emma Matthews and Murray Thompson on the occasion of their wedding on Sunday April 10th.


March 2016

Rev Frances Bartlett (2nd from left) and Rev Cate Baker (right) flank Rev Anne Butler.

Two Deacons were on hand to welcome Rev Anne Butler (MoW) as a chaplain to an aged care centre in SA. Rev Deac Cate Baker, is the Coordinating Chaplain at Resthaven Leabrook and Paradise, and  Rev Deac Frances Bartlett is the Coordinating Chaplain at Resthaven Murray Bridge.

Bev Fabb reflects on the influence of Deaconess Dr Cath Ritchie on her diaconal ministry in Revive Magazine (WA Synod).

“The woman who has had the most profound impact on my life is Deaconess Dr Cath Ritchie. Born to a farming family in Gippsland, Victoria in 1909, educated in a one teacher rural school, she eventually graduated from the University of Melbourne. Raised in a Scottish Presbyterian family, her Christian faith was always central in her life. In 1937 she responded to a call from the Foreign Missions Department to serve as a teacher missionary in Korea, then under Japanese rule. When Japan entered the war in 1941, all Australian missionaries were recalled from Korea. Cath dreamed of returning once the war was over, but this was not to be. After a time as a youth worker in rural Victoria, riding her bicycle between towns, she was asked to become Principal of Rolland House, the Presbyterian Deaconess and Missionary training college. She remained in this position for 23 years.
Cath insisted that all the women trained at Rolland House were given a theological education equivalent in standard to that given to the men training for ordination. She also insisted that her students got practical experience of ministry, something that the men did not get. Within Rolland House she created a community grounded in spirituality and mutual service. At the time when women attending the Presbyterian Assembly were relegated to the galleries, Principal Ritchie was alone allowed to address the gathering and was a strong advocate for women in ministry. Cath forged links ecumenically and internationally with others called to diaconal ministry. In 1994 the Melbourne College of Divinity awarded her a Doctorate of Sacred Theology in honour of her leadership in theological education, especially for women.
As a young Christian I was inspired by Cath’s keen intellect, her humility in service, her strong advocacy for women, her passion for the mission of the church and her solidarity with the poor and oppressed”.

March 2016
On 6th March, Rev Deac Emma Matthews was inducted as a Deacon in Nedlands Uniting Church in a bi lingual Mandarin/English service. A very happy multicultural event. May God bless her richly in this new ministry.


October 2015
It is with sadness that we learn about the death of retired Deaconess Olive Stafford. She had lived in Mandurah for many years. Her funeral will be held on Friday 9th October. We give thanks for her life and ministry. If you wish to pass on your condolences, it may be easiest through Bev Fabb in WA.

September 2015

Employment: Darwin Ministry Support Worker
A person to minister in the Darwin region with NRCC (Congress) members living or visiting in the area. This is a position that is open to a Minister of the Word, Deacon or Pastor. See details on employment page.

Congratulations to Jesse Size (SA) who has been accepted as a candidate for Ministry of Deacon. Jesse is a school chaplain with a youth work background. He lives in Port Augusta and is connected with the Ninnal Seed community and the Aboriginal Congress at Port Augusta.

Jesse Size
Jesse Size

Rev Karen Paull (NSW) has set up a Facebook page about her ministry – Lane Cove Community Chaplaincy.

Rev Karen Paull
Rev Karen Paull

Rev Cogs Smith (SA) has been inducted into her new placement at Willunga UC in September. Congratulations, Cogs and blessings for your ministry.

SA Synod Moderator Dr Deidre Palmer with Rev Cogs Smith
SA Synod Moderator Dr Deidre Palmer with Rev Cogs Smith

August 2015

Rev Graham Anson was inducted into a new placement as Deacon, Chapel by the Sea, Bondi Beach.
Tough gig (not!). Blessings on your ministry, Graham.

Rev Graham Anson
Rev Graham Anson

Rev Wendy Elson was inducted into the Uniting Church, Macedon Ranges Partnership in August. Her induction took place at Kyneton Uniting Church and was led by the Chairperson of the Port Phillip West Presbytery, Rev. Paul Blacker. The Rev. Mark Dunn delivered the sermon and the combined choir led by Rev. Dr. Darcy Wood provided musical performances.

Rev Wendy Elson and the congregation
Rev Wendy Elson and the congregation

Wendy will be living in Woodend and is the first of three new appointments the Uniting Church will be making in the partnership. The ministry appointments will be role based and Rev. Elson’s primary role is to help the Church and the community to connect together. “This is an exciting new venture”. Rev. Elson said.

The partnership is an initiative of the Uniting Church and has seen twelve congregations, Romsey, Lancefield, Kyneton, Mia Mia, Metcalfe, Sutton Grange, Barfold, Tylden, Woodend, Mount Macedon, Riddells Creek and Gisborne, from across the Ranges combining their resources, skills and vision.

Working together under one Co-ordinating Council, the Partnership members are excited by the idea of ministering within their communities as a combined effort.

July 2015

Rev Sharon Cutts has been inducted into her new placement in Broken Hill. Congratulations, Sharon, and blessings on your ministry!

Rev Sharon Cutts
Rev Sharon Cutts

March 2015

Ordination of Jean Shannon as a Deacon in the UCA took place at St James Uniting Church, 40 Gillies Street, Curtin, Canberra, on Saturday 21st March 2015 at 3.00pm. Thoughts and prayers are with Jean in this time of preparation, anticipation and transition.

Karen Paull was inducted as Community Chaplain at Lane Cove UC on Sunday 8th March at 2.30pm. She has been working in this placement for many months, but the Induction service had to wait to follow her Ordination.

On the Lane Cove UC website: “An Innovative Future: While some people might consider the sale and demolition of a church building to be a complete disaster, the members of the Lane Cove UC don’t share that view. They believe that relationships and community service are more important than buildings. A future without the Lane Cove building is seen as an unexpected and exciting opportunity to better meet changing needs within the local community”. Karen has been employed as the Community chaplain to help the congregation live into this ‘innovative future’.

February 2015

On Sunday 22nd Feb at 2 pm Andrew Broadbent was ordained as a Deacon in Wesley Church City, Perth. Andrew has taken up a placement in Busselton. Blessings on your ministry, Andrew!

DUCA WA.ABord.presentation

Congratulations to Rev (Deac) Frances Bartholomeusz (below, second from left) who has just completed a five year formation program for Spiritual Directors. Well done!

Spiritual Directors.FB

We spent some time at the DUCA Business Meeting in Adelaide discussing priorities for DUCA and then deciding what kind of structure we need to support our main focus areas. The document outlines the four key areas and those who have put their hand up to assist. More UCA Deacons and candidates are welcome to add their names to the list (please contact the key liaison person for the area of interest).

Deacon Intensive: Nine candidates from 5 Synods have been attending the Deacon Intensive in Adelaide, 9-13th February. It has been an enriching time of learning, guided by facilitators including Rev Dr Vicky Balabanski (Bible Studies) and Rev Dr Steve Taylor (evening ‘case studies’ sessions). The three afternoon immersions have included visits to Yatala Gaol (with prison chaplain, Rev Deac Albert Patrizi), Hope’s Cafe which supports refugees and asylum seekers, The Grove Uniting Church (Rev Deac Lyn Leane) and St Andrews Uniting Church community program (coordinated by Rev Deac Adam Tretheway).

Deacon Intensive 2015
Deacon Intensive 2015

Rev Dr Alison McRae has been inducted into her new placement as Presbytery Minister, Mission & Education, Stawell Uniting Church.



Casey Lau is a Deacon candidate who has completed formation and will take up a placement at Yilki Uniting Church in October. His commissioning service was  on Sunday 12th October and his ordination service was on 30th November. The people of Yilki are looking forward to working with Casey.

Louise Edwards, 1960-2014. Vale.

Louise was known and loved by so many across Australia, and in Fiji where she had built special friendships over the years through the Schoolies Week program which has been running for 13 years. She was ‘a passionate advocate for children, teenagers and young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds’, working as a children’s and youth worker for 25+ years. She was ordained to the ministry of Deacon in 2009. At the beginning of August this year, Louise reluctantly ‘retired’ from ministry after a long battle with breast cancer and the gruelling side effects of her treatment, and passed away on September 7th, 2014. To the end, Louise maintained her confidence and trust in God, and her joyful spirit continued to be a blessing to those who surrounded and supported her. ‘She will be remembered for her boundless energy, her sense of fun and the huge impact she had on the lives of many young friends’. Vale, Louise. Rest eternally in the company of God.

Louise Edwards

June 2014
Rev (Deac) Christa Megaw
will be concluding her role as International Mission Officer in the SA Synod, in preparation for commencing a placement (0.5) at Bridgewater UCA in September.

Karen Paull has commenced a new position at Lane Cove UC as Community Chaplain in July 2014. At the June meeting of the SA Synod and Presbytery, the proposal that Karen be ordained was approved. Double congratulations to Karen! (Karen’s ordination will be Nov 30th, 2014).

Karen Paull
Karen Paull

So many examples over the last few weeks of Uniting Church members and Ministers standing up for what they believe. Here is Rev (Deac) John Brentnall taking a stand against dirty coal in the Leard blockade (NSW).

Rev John Brentnall, raising issue of coal mining
Rev John Brentnall, raising issue of coal mining

March 2014

Rev Scott Kelly (Deacon) has taken over the reins as National Director of Frontier Services. He has wide experience in engaging with government at senior levels and leading innovative justice programs. Prior to becoming a Deacon in the Uniting Church, he worked as a geologist in the oil and gas industry in a number of remote locations, including Papua New Guinea. Congratulations on your appointment, Scott.

Rev Scott Kelly

Rev Lettie Ellen Abraham (Deacon) passed away peacefully in Chesalon Nursing Home Beecroft on Friday, 7 March 2014. A well attended memorial service was held at Eastwood Uniting Church on Wednesday 12 March 2014.

February 2014

Rev (Deac) Tim Hodgson, a padre with RAAF, has moved to South Australia, along with his family including Rev Sue Page who is taking up a placement as Minister at Para Hills UC. The Deacons in SA look forward to getting to know Sue and Tim. (Picture: Sue’s induction, with Tim and family, and Rev (Deacon) Sarah Williamson and Moderator Deidre Palmer). 

Tim Hodgson Sue Page
Induction of Rev Sue Page

January 2014

Happy new year!

The annual new year mailing has been sent this month, including news of the Deacon Intensive, and the Deacons Conference which are both rescheduled to February 2015. More detailed information will be sent out soon about the Intensive and Conference. Candidates should discuss this with their course advisor to keep them in the loop about what is being planned. If you have any changes to your contact details that were enclosed with the mailing, please let Judy Knowling via  the email address in the letter.

Advance notice: On Sunday 9th February at 3pm, Rev Betty Matthews (WA) will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of her ordination as a deacon (on 3 February 1954 at Scots Church, Fremantle). The venue will be St Martin’s Uniting Church, 57 Hale Rd, Forrestfield. No gifts please, but there will be an opportunity to donate to CARAD. RSVP for catering purposes to Rev Alan Matthews on 9453 9996 or at
WA Deacons are especially encouraged to attend to support Betty for this significant event.
Betty writes: We had about 70 people, including people I worked with in the local church in 1946 and one I shared Girls Camp leadership with in the late 1940’s just before I took off to train for a deaconess (with thoughts of going to the outback with a nurse). God had other plans and I was engaged by the time I finished training and did not get to serve with the AIM. Alan and I joined the United Church in North Australia and went to Gove (late Nhulunbuy). It was a fantastic afternoon. Bev Fabb and Marie Wilson (trained as a Deaconess and transferred over to MoW just before Union) did a great job in making the day memorable.

The SA Deacons will be gathering for an informal BBQ on Saturday 18th January. A good chance to catch up and share news. It will be great to catch up with Peter Wait who is in Adelaide for a short break from Frontier Services, Tennant Creek.

Rev Deac Michelle Cook and James Hughes are to begin the process of settling into Tasmania, far away from the life on Cape York. Our prayers are with you as you begin your ministry in Tasmania.

Rev Deac Scott Litchfield (based in Cambodia) posted an insightful article on his blog about volun-tourism in Cambodia. Really worth a read. Here’s a snippet:

In Cambodia, if you build an orphanage you will fill it, not with orphans but with kids from poor families sent for a “better life”. But what kind of life is it away from mum and dad, family and friends? (See website on institutional care issues internationally). There is an alternative. Emmaus Christian College from South Australia have recently visited Vietnam and Cambodia and focused on history and social justice. During their time in Cambodia they have learnt Khmer language each day, learnt from key members of the ‘emerging’ civil society in Cambodia, and sat with young people deeply committed to empowering the youth of Cambodia to find their voice and bring change to a country desperately in need of transformation from within. In the process the students from Australia have been changed and challenged in many ways. When Cambodian people heard the students were learning ‘their language’ each day they were surprised and often asked “but why are they learning our language when they are only here 10 days? When they realized that the programme was to ‘learn’ rather than ‘help’, and to ‘engage and understand’ they were impressed.
So, Australian educators, please re-think what you do when you send a group of your students to poor countries to ‘experience’ poverty and ‘serve’ the poor.  There is damage done to those you meet and your own kids get a warped view of both themselves and their place in the world. There is an alternative.


November 2013

Rev Sue Langhans has retired – we wish you well, Sue! (Sue serves as DUCA Treasurer).

Great to read the article in Frontier News about Rev Gay Loftus, West Coast Patrol Minister with Frontier Services.
‘The focus is out of the church buildings and that’s a good fit for me’, says Gay. ‘I prefer faith conversations that evolve naturally because they come from authentic places. God enters the conversation when someone shares their troubles and suddenly asks, ‘Gay, how do I pray?’ Or, ‘I’m really distressed and I need to talk to you’.
You can read the full article online  (pages 6&7).

Rev (Deac) Gay Loftus presents the Frontier services stole to Rev (Deac) Dennis Cousens

October 2013
(Source: Frontier Services)
Last month, an induction service was held for Rev Dennis Cousens as he commenced his placement with the Midlands Patrol (Tasmania).  A stirring worship service was held at the historic Oatlands Uniting Church to mark the beginning of Dennis’ ministry in the region. The service included a message shared by Rev Colleen Grieve who played a leading role in establishing Patrol Ministry in Tasmania. Colleen encouraged Dennis to share the love and gospel of Christ with the people of the Patrol.

Representatives of the congregation and Patrol presented Dennis with the symbols of the region, along with water, bread and wine.

Frontier Services Associate Director – Pastoral Rev Colin Batt led the induction part of the service while fellow Tasmanian Patrol Minister Rev Gay Loftus (West Coast Patrol/Circular Head Ministry) presented Dennis with the Frontier Services stole.

The Midlands Patrol is an ongoing partnership with the Presbytery of Tasmania. Dennis will serve the Uniting Church congregations Campbell Town/Ross and Oatlands/Bothwell and provide ministry to the wider communities in the Midlands, Central Highlands and Great Lakes.

Rev (Deacon) Michelle Cook
has accepted a call by the Presbytery of Tasmania to the placement of Presbytery Minister, Mission Development, to commence on 1st January 2014. Michelle is currently in placement in northern Queensland, and prior to that had a placement with Frontier Services. She has great wisdom in her awareness of the issues of relationship between the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress and the wider church.
The weather will be challenging, going from the tropics to the cool temperate climate of Tasmania!

Rev Michelle Cook contemplating life in a cooler climate

October 2013

‘Old news’ in some respects, but just came across these online articles about Rev Peter Wait‘s commencement of placement at Tennant Creek and the Barkly Patrol (Frontier Services) in May 2013. Here’s one from the local paper (Tennant Creek Times) and here’s one from Frontier Services.

The Frontier Services article reads:
A willingness to drive for hours on end across some of the outback’s most remote country is not a usual prerequisite for a church minister, but for Rev Peter Wait, the new Tennant Barkly Patrol Minister for Frontier Services, it is absolutely essential. Based in Tennant Creek, Peter will spend much of his time on the road travelling across the north of the Barkly region visiting people in hard-to-reach places, offering a listening ear and a helping hand.

The Tennant Barkly Patrol covers 600,000sq km of the Northern Territory, almost three times the size of Victoria. Extending 200km south of Tennant Creek and north to Daly Waters, the region is known for its large cattle stations and rich connection to the local Aboriginal culture.

Peter will offer emotional and practical support to people across the Patrol, providing a source of spiritual care and trust that otherwise might not be there. He will also be a part of the community in Tennant Creek and support the local Uniting Church congregation.

Peter was officially inducted as the Frontier Services Tennant Barkly Patrol Minister on Sunday 26 May at Tennant Creek Uniting Church. Coming from Adelaide, Peter said he felt called to his new role in the outback with Frontier Services. “It is privilege to serve in the tradition of Frontier Services and Uniting Church in remote Australia. I look forward to meeting people and having conversations about significant things,” Mr Wait said.

Peter has moved to the NT after spending five years working with church congregations in Adelaide. He has been a prison chaplain and is a former biochemical researcher and teacher. He worked as a teacher for two years in Barunga near Katherine and has spent time in Arnhem Land.

Like his work as a prison chaplain, Peter said the role of a Patrol Minister was simply to be there for people. “We call it an incarnational ministry. We send a message by our physical presence. When we are there for people in hard to get places we embody God’s love for them.”

The history of the Tennant Barkly Patrol dates back to 1915 when Frontier Services’ predecessor, the Australian Inland Mission, first sent a Patrol Padre to the region.

Peter in church 1
Induction of Rev Peter Wait

September 2013

At the WA Synod/Presbytery meeting this month, Rev Bev Fabb was elected Chair of CEDAL, Commission for Education for Discipleship and Leadership. CEDAL was established in 2009 to fulfil the functions of the Synod’s Ministerial Education Board, but with a wider education function. CEDAL works to encourage members of the Church to consider the call of God to ministry and to the specified ministries in the Uniting Church. CEDAL develops policies and processes for ministerial and theological education in the Synod of WA within the guidelines set down by the Assembly Ministerial Education Commission. CEDAL’s task includes the oversight of a growing field of lay and continuing theological education, and to assist the Church in encouraging and educating people toward a deeper understanding and fuller participation in the whole range of Christian witness and service. It provides training for members of the Church to equip them for fulfilling leadership roles. As a whole, CEDAL seeks to build an informed and integrated learning community directed to the mission of God. Towards this, it aims to create a culture in which faith formation for discipleship and leadership becomes prized, appreciated and accessible. Bev brings considerable experience, wisdom and practical knowledge of the church to her new role. Congratulations, Bev!

Rev Denise Savage in Western Australia has set up a blogsite with photos and reflections. Worth checking out!

Congratulations to Rev Lyn Leane and Rev Albert Patrizi, newly ordained on 8th September, 2013. Deacons Sandy Boyce, Bill Harris, Cogs Smith, Sue Langhans, Naomi Rosenberg, Christa Megaw and Judy Knowling were on hand to support Lyn and Albert and present them with the bowl and towel, symbols of diaconal ministry.

Rev Naomi Rosenberg is a contributor at a conference, ‘Perspectives on Mental Health and Addiction:Seeing recovery through a different lens’, to be held on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th September in Adelaide. In 2007, 45% of Australians aged 16-85 years, (7.3 million people), have at some point in their lifetime experienced a mental illness. This conference seeks to focus Health & Care Ministry on promoting mental health (MH) and providing more effective care for people living with mental illness. Naomi will share information about the CATR (COOKING AT THE ROCK) programme at Sunset Rock UC where she is in ministry.

Conference flier (could be a great Continuing Education option for 2013) MH Conference flier Sept 2013

August 2013

Rev Sandy Boyce, President, DIAKONIA World Federation, has set up a blogsiteDWF President – with postings that include prayers for DIAKONIA World associations, updates about news in regions and associations, and reflections.

Rev Michelle Cook is moving to Launceston, Tasmania to begin a placement, leaving Mapoon (Qld)  where she has been in placement for several years.

July 2013
The World DIAKONIA Assembly was held in Berlin, 1st-8th July, 2013. Rev Sandy Boyce (SA Synod, in centre of photo) was elected President, World DIAKONIA Federation, and Rev Dr Alison McRae (Vic/Tas Synod, on far left of photo) was elected as Vice-President for the DIAKONIA Asia Pacific Region. The World Executive is made up of the 3 Regional Presidents,  others elected from each of the three regions, and the officers including President, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, and English and German co-editors. Other UCA Deacons who attended the meeting included eD Helmbold (Deacon candidate, SA), Rev Bill Harris and his wife Margaret (SA Synod), Rev Jenny and John Preston (Victoria Synod) and Rev Di Bos (Queensland Synod).

June 2013
Rev Phil Newton (Deacon in placement as university chaplain, University of Wollongong) wrote one of the theme songs for NSW Synod 2011, On New and Risky Paths. Definitely worth thinking about using for a diaconal focus on ‘risking the way of Jesus’ and ‘walking with our neighbour’.

MP3 On New and Risky Paths – Phil Newton and Michael Earl
Lyrics On New and Risky Paths PDF – Phil Newton and Michael Earl

In lieu of copyright payment, the composers wish to direct people to donate to the UnitingWorld’s Hunger, Health and Hope project in North Korea. You can donate here.
“23 million people in North Korea are facing a hidden humanitarian crisis. Many children have lost their loved ones and live a life of severe poverty, with the UN estimating that one third of all children are chronically malnourished.  Well-funded medical facilities are hard to access, and avenues to assist are tightly controlled.  Long term, educational and vocational opportunities are limited. In one of the most vulnerable areas of the North, through UnitingWorld the Uniting Church in Australia runs a hostel for orphaned children, a TB clinic and a nursing school.  It does so with the full support of the North Korean authorities and in partnership with the local people.  This is a rare opportunity for you to go behind the scenes and lend a hand.”

The sheet music available below contains the melody line, lyrics and chords for both songs. If you would like the full piano arrangement of either or both songs, please contact:
Rads Sukumar, rads.sukumar@gmail.com0423 823 363

May 2013

Rev Christa Megaw led a small group trip to visit the Middle Luzon Jurisdiction (United Church of Christ in the Philippines), as part of a new partnership with MLJ and Pilgrim Uniting Church (Adelaide) and Urban Mission Network. She had an opportunity to catch up with DAP (DIAKONIA Asia Pacific) President, Deac Emma Cantor.

Rev Peter Wait (centre in the photo, taken earlier in 2003 at a DUCA SA gathering) has begun a placement in Tennant Creek with Frontier Services.

Rev Meg Evans features in the May edition of Frontier News, in an article titled ‘Caring for the Midlands’. Great story! You can download a copy here.

April 2013

Rev Meg Evans has retired, and the attached story shares some of the news from her farewell. Enjoy your retirement, Meg!

” Meg was the first minister appointed to the Midlands Patrol when it was established in 2003. Extending across the Midlands and Central Highlands of Tasmania, the Patrol covers the small towns of Oatlands, Ross, Bothwell and Campbell Town and the isolated properties in between.

Looking back on her time in the Midlands, Meg reflected on her work as a “ministry of presence”.

“As more and more services leave these rural areas, the presence of the church is really significant,” she said. “It’s important just to be there.”

“It has been such a privilege to be a part of people’s lives, to have people trust you, and to share in the hard times and the good times.”

As the Midlands Patrol Minister, Meg has led 114 funerals, 33 weddings and 35 baptisms. She has . In her final week, she conducted a baptism for a family she had come to know well. Meg buried the grandfather, married the children and now welcomed their grandchildren, touching four generations in one family!

For many, Meg has been more than a church minister. She has been a welcome visitor in isolated places, an advocate for the community and a trusted friend. Always, she has been a visible sign of the church’s presence in the community.

Retired Deaconesses in Victoria meet every month to share stories, hear about different areas of interest, and to offer pastoral support. A courtesy copy of the minutes from the monthly “Senior Chapter Notes” meetings are sent to DUCA, a great way to connect the circle of Deaconesses and DIAKONIA UCA. It was noted that Barbara Higgins will light the remembrance candle for Valmai Schmidtke at the Vic/Tas Synod when it meets in early May.

Caribbean churches reflect on new directions for diaconal work
“Diakonia must be done through action, social services, advocacy and challenging systems and structures that create injustice and dehumanization of people,” said Rev. Dr Paul Gardner of Jamaica at a seminar in April 2013 at Port-au-Prince, Haiti, organized by the World Council of Churches in collaboration with Caribbean churches (see photo of participants below). The seminar discussed good practices for the diaconal ministry of the churches, and participants shared updates on contemporary issues related to diakonia and development in the ecumenical movement, particularly in the Caribbean. The discussions were a follow-up to consultations on diakonia in Romania in 2009 and the Netherlands, 2010. A document, Theology of Diakonia for the 21st Century, an outcome of the WCC consultation in Sri Lanka, 2012, was also discussed extensively. Elvire Douglas, a Haitian participant, said, “Diakonia should be a way of living for each Christian bearing testimony of the gospel in the 21st century. Prophetic diakonia is to be promoted by the churches to enable and reset its objectives and define relevant strategies to teach, empower and advocate for justice and peace for the healing of the world”.

Rev Gavin Blakemore began his new role as ‘Director of Mission’ with Wesley Mission Victoria on Tuesday April 2nd, and was inducted into the role on Monday 8th April 10am at Wesley Church Melbourne.
(Rev (Deacon) Andy Calder is on the Wesley Mission Board)

Rev Frances Bartholomeusz was inducted into her community outreach placement at Murray Bridge (South Australia), on April 21st. SA Deacons were warmly encouraged to attend, and others in the DUCA network were encouraged to send greetings to her on this happy occasion.

Albert Patrizi (candidate for Ministry of Deacon) commenced a part-time placement at Yatala Gaol on April 1st. His call to ministry focussed on prison ministry, and it is fabulous news that he able to commence a placement at Yatala. He spoke at Pilgrim Church recently about his life and sense of call (audio download)

March 2013

As we enter Holy Week, may it be a season of renewal, encouragement and blessing to you.

A quick update re the World DIAKONIA Assembly in Berlin – there are a few UCA Deacons heading there, along with some Anglican Deacons. Rev Di Bos (Qld), Rev Sandy Boyce (SA), Rev Bill Harris (SA) and his wife Margaret, and Rev Alison McRae (Vic), Revs John and Jenny Preston (Vic) along with eD Helmbold (Deacon candidate, SA) are definite starters. While it might have been less than we’d hoped for for this fantastic event (held every four years), it is  great for DUCA to be represented as part of ‘world diakonia’. Please pray for the organizers at the ‘business’ end of the conference, with all those logistics that need attention.

February 2013

Deacon gatherings in February: Saturday Feb 2 gatherings in SA and WA

Feb 2013 SA – 1

Deacons Judy Knowling and Peter Wait, with Rev Marty Rosenberg

Deacons Mark Boyce, Christa Megaw, Bill Harris and Jean Stirling

January 2013

Happy new year! Blessings to you in your ministry and for the year ahead.

Rev Denise Savage

Rev Denise Savage will be inducted into a new placement at St Peter & Emmaus Church, Joondanna at 2pm on 3rd February, 2013. This is an ecumenical placement (Anglican and UCA congregations). The closure of ministry service for her current placement with First Third for the Metro North Region will take place on Sunday 27 January, 9.30am, at Cousin’s Hall St Stephen’s School Duncraig.

Congratulations to Rev James Godfrey, ordained on 18th December, 2012. He continues his placement as Mental Health Chaplain to Eastern Access Community Health.

2012 was the 20th anniversary of the first ordinations of Deacons in the UCA – and also the 20th anniversary of the ordination of the first women priests in the Anglican Church. A momentous year, it seems!

Rev Frances Bartholomeusz was ordained on Saturday 12th January, 2013. Congratulations! She will take up a new placement in the Murray Bridge UCA congregation as a community worker.

Rev Frances Bartholomeusz

Rev Frances Bartholomeusz with some SA Deacons

The UCA Deacons Directory is being updated for 2013. You will find it listed in the link above – password protected. Deacons in the UCA are asked to kindly confirm details for 2013 or provide updates for contact details to the DUCA National Convener, Sandy Boyce. More details provided in the latest (snail) DUCA mailing which was posted in second week of January.

The DIAKONIA World Assembly is held every four years, and will take place this year in Berlin in the first week of July. Please scroll down for relevant documents, and please consider going to this wonderful event.

Rev Nigel Hawken – new placement
Nigel commences a new role in January 2013 as the Uniting Church Chaplain at Westmead Hospital.

Rev Dennis Cousins, Frontier Services Cunnamulla Patrol Minister

Ordination in 2010

Dennis Cousins’ job is to spend time with individuals and families in their place. Dennis’ patrol stretches from the New South Wales-Queensland border, 230 kilometres north to Wyandra, east about 100 kilometres and west to Nockatunga — a patch roughly 150,000 square kilometres in area.
“There is a great respect for Frontier Services because we have been there during the tough times, during the nine-year drought and more recently the Queensland floods. People feel comfortable to talk and sometimes they will ask you for a quick prayer before you go.
“And then, when someone needs a minister to conduct a wedding or a funeral, people will say, ‘Dennis, you’re our church bloke out here.’”
For Dennis it’s not about preaching religion or taking advantage of people’s hospitality. As a Frontier Services Patrol Minister, people feel comfortable to approach Dennis during those times of life when they need someone to call on.
“Often people will say, ‘I’m not religious’ and I say, ‘I’m not either, but I have a faith in God’ and they will say, ‘Well I suppose I have a faith too. You can’t get by out here without it.’”
“It’s a great privilege, just being alongside people … taking Christ to the people instead of expecting people to come to a church building — somewhere that is quite unfamiliar to them.
“It’s about going where people are familiar and taking Christ to them there … that’s what this ministry is about. “To me, people sharing their lives, opening their homes and recognising Christ in the work of Frontier Services, is the abundance — the life overflowing abundance — that you get in this ministry.”
(excerpt from article by Natalie McLeod in Insights)

Article in Journey – What does church look like in your neck of the woods?

Article in Journey online – Frontier Services welcomes ordination of local patrol minister

Article in Journey online – Patrolling the frontiers of the future

December 2012

In the lead up to Christmas, letters and cards are written, posted, emailed, and placed on Facebook. Sister Doris Horn, President of the World DIAKONIA Federation, has prepared a Christmas letter which you may be interested to read. DorisHorn.Christmasletter.2012.

The program for the World DIAKONIA Assembly is available. Please let Sandy Boyce know if you are planning to go as there may be some travel funds available for participants.

World Assembly program.English.FINAL

November 2012

The World DIAKONIA Assembly will be held in Berlin in 2013, July 1st-8th. The registration form is attached here, and will also be stored in the side folder titled ‘conferences’ for easy access. Information on the post-Assembly tours is also attached and will be available in the ‘conferences’ folder. If you plan to go, please contact Rev Sue Langhans (DUCA Treasurer) in regards to the travel scheme, and Rev Sandy Boyce (Convener, DUCA Executive). We hope there will be a number of UCA Deacons who travel to Berlin for the Assembly – a great chance to learn more about the many expressions of DIAKONIA around the world, and for learning.

Registration DIAKONIA Berlin 2013

Invitation letter – Assembly 2013

DIAKONIA 2013 Post Assembly Tours

Rev (Deac) Sandy Boyce attended the DIAKONIA Asia Pacific (DAP) regional conference, held in the Philippines from 28th October to November 2nd, 2012. It was a great time of learning and sharing.

Sandy Boyce (centre) with DAP delegates at the Regional Gathering.

Congratulations to Rev (Deac) Nigel Hawken, who has been appointed Uniting Church chaplain at Westmead Hospital, commencing January 1st, 2013.

The Deacons in the SA Synod celebrated the 20th anniversary of DIAKONIA in the Uniting Church on Friday 2nd November at the annual SA Synod business meeting. Rev (Deac) Mark Boyce shared about his work as a mental health chaplain, Rev (Deac) Cogs Smith provided an informative overview of DIAKONIA in the UCA, and its focus

Cooking at the Rock – Sunset Rock UCA program

October 2012:

An article on the expressions of diaconal ministry by Tara Burton, Ministering in the world – in Journey online.

Rev Naomi Rosenberg (SA) has several projects involving cooking in her ministry at Sunset Rock UC. The photo  was taken at CATR (Cooking at the Rock), which is a cooking class held fortnightly on Fridays with people with mental health issues in the community. This particular week it was made into a CommUnity Day Program. There is also a monthly program with girls cooking with older women in the congregation, and then enjoying the meal together and sharing. Great initiatives!

Rev (Deac) Sandy Boyce attended the DIAKONIA Asia-Pacific Regional Gathering in the Philippines in the last week of October. There were representatives from Australia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, as well as a representative of the World DIAKONIA Executive. It was a great time of fellowship and learning.

September 2012:

The most recent DIAKONIA newsletter is now available. Always worth reading! You can go to the World DIAKONIA website to check out past editions as well as the most recent edition.

Rev (Deacon) Karen Mitchell-Lambert was inducted into the Wesley Castle Hill congregation (Sydney) on Friday September 12th, 2012. She joins Rev Dr Rhonda White in collegial ministry. Her new role at Wesley will involve responsibility for community development, families, children and youth. More photos here.

Edition 98 of World DIAKONIA News has now been published. Rev (Deacon) Sandy Boyce is the English co-editor of DIAKONIA News. This edition has articles and news from all over the world, and includes information about the 20th anniversary of the renewal of the diaconate in the UCA. Download it on the link. It will also be available on the World DIAKONIA website. DIAKONIA News 98-2012

Dean Whittaker, Cogs Smith, Sandy Boyce and Casey Lau at the Uniting Communities Day with a focus on ‘faith in action’ and community development.

Uniting Communities held a day seminar on 15th September, focussed on ‘faith in action’ and Assets Based Community Development (ABCD). There were 4 Deacons in attendance who appreciated the opportunity to reflect on gifts and assets as a framework for ministry in the community.

Rev (Deacon) Sarah Williamson was a coordinator for ‘Suicide: It’s no secret’ & Lifeline’s ‘Out of the Shadows & into the Light’, and spoke on the steps of Parliament House, South Australia.

Rev Sarah Williamson speaking on steps of SA Parliament House

Rev (Deacon) Dr Alison McRae was the guest speaker for the celebration of the renewal of the diaconate in the Uniting Church in Australia. She made a significant presentation at Pilgrim Uniting Church on September 9th, in collaboration with the SA (UCA) Historical Society. A copy of her presentation can be downloaded here: Renewal of the diaconate.20th celebration_Alison McRae

Rev (Deacon) Dr Alison McRae preached at Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide, on September 9th, using Mark 7: 24-37, developing the theme: “Caught with your compassion down”: lessons from the boundaries’. You can download a copy of the sermon here.
Alison McRae sermon – ‘caught with compassion down’

Rev (Deacon) Bev Fabb preached the sermon on Sunday 9th September at the WA Synod morning service. You can download a copy of the sermon here. WA SERMON SYNOD 2012.BEV FABB

Rev Betty Matthews, first Deacon ordained in UCA in 1992, serves UCA President Rev Prof Andrew Dutney

Deacon celebration calls church to mutual vulnerability
WA Synod Sunday began with worship celebrating the 21st anniversary of the renewal of diaconate ministry within the Uniting Church. The focus of the morning was on the ministry of service given expression by those ordained to the ministry of deacon.

Rev Marion Millin gave some historical background, telling of how the Uniting Church, in 1991, agreed to recognise two expressions of ordained ministry, the ministry of the Word, and ministry of deacon.

Rev Bev Fabb preached, focussing on the story of the last supper as told in John 13:

… So he got up from the supper table, set aside his robe, and put on an apron. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the feet of the disciples, drying them with his apron. When he got to Simon Peter, Peter said, “Master, you wash my feet?”
Jesus answered, “You don’t understand now what I’m doing, but it will be clear enough to you later.”
Peter persisted, “You’re not going to wash my feet—ever!”
Jesus said, “If I don’t wash you, you can’t be part of what I’m doing.”
“Master!” said Peter. “Not only my feet, then. Wash my hands! Wash my head!” (The Message translation)

Bev pointed out that, while Christians have followed the tradition of the last supper by celebrating communion, and recognising it as a sacrament, Jesus’ command to wash one another’s feet is not followed often.

“The act of foot washing is an experience of mutual vulnerability,” said Bev. When you kneel at someone’s feet, you risk being kicked in the head. At the same time, the person whose feet are being washed has to expose their defects and sensitivities.

“Deacons are called to wash the feet of those who suffer in our world, in gentleness, compassion and love,” said Bev. “What God wants is for us to wash one another’s feet.”

During the celebration of communion and over the morning tea, Bev and other deacons were available to wash others’ feet or to have their own feet washed.

Photos and story here

August 2012:

A fantastic article by Dr Clive Pearson published in the UCA NSW Synod publication Insights, reflecting on the recent DIAKONIA conference, God is where?! Read it here.

Events coming up in September in South Australia (and beyond!) that will be of interest to Deacons.

‘The Reshaping of the Mission of the Church.  the Gift of the Renewed Diaconate.
Acknowledging the 20th Anniversary of the Renewed Diaconate in the UCA. ‘

Guest Presenter: Rev Dr Alison McRae.
3.30pm, Sunday 9th September  at Pilgrim UC. No cost.
Sponsored by the UC Historical Society in association with the Deacons of the UCA in South Australia.
Enquiries:  Jonathan Barker 0438 012 227

Putting Faith into Action : Community Development Day
Presenters: Peter Kenyon, Rev Paul Turley, Rev Peter McDonald and others
9 – 4.30pm, Saturday 15th September at Burnside UC.

Church on Mainstreet 2012
Presenters: Bronwyn Pike(Urban Renewal Authority), Rev. Bruce Grindlay, Rev Adam Tretheway,  John Emmet (Vic/Tas Synod)
Tues. 25th and Wed. 26th September 10am-3pm at St. Andrews by the Sea UC, , Jetty Road, Glenelg.
Fee for 2 days $30 or 1 day $20 .
Further info: Rev Dr Dean Eland or 0419 112 603.

Deacon brochure for 20th anniversary in the UCA. Double sided, colour. DEACONS PAMPHLET 2012

A number of UCA Deacons are considering attending the next DIAKONIA World Assembly in Berlin in July 2013. Rev Bill Harris has offered these reflections on his first experience at a DIAKONIA seminar in Europe, and his first DIAKONIA Executive meeting in Sweden. Rev Bill Harris – reflections on DRAE & Exec Sweden 1998

July 2012 news:

Some of the UCA Deacons attending the UCA 13th Assembly in Adelaide in July as well as SA Deacons who have been involved in the program or catching up with people. The UCA Assembly formally recognized the 20th anniversary of the renewal of the diaconate in the UCA – first ordinations were in 1992.

UCA Deacons at 13th Assembly

A letter has been prepared for Deacons and Deacon candidates who may wish to attend the DIAKONIA World Assembly in July 2013, with information about the conference and encouragement to source funding to enable them to participate. The letter may be used to liaise with funding bodies and congregations for funding to support travel and conference registration. It can be downloaded here: DUCA-WORLD ASSEMBLY LETTER

The UCA National Assembly meeting is to be held in Adelaide, 15th-21st July. There are 10 Deacons participating in the 13th Assembly held every three years. One of the presentations will be ‘Reconciliation People – a Statement to the Nation’, written by young adult leaders in the UCA. Here’s a link to a video with the statement, featuring Rev Aimee Kent at the start of the video.

The DUCA Business meeting was held on July 1st in Sydney. The meeting agreed that the Executive continue to be based in SA for a further two years. Sandy Boyce will continue as DUCA National Convener.

DUCA Business meeting 2

DUCA Business meeting 3

DUCA Business meeting 1

The Deacon Intensive for UCA Deacon candidates was held in Sydney at the end of June. A great time of learning and building collegial relationships.

Deacon Intensive group photo

Rev Emma Matthews is a school chaplain at Penrhos College in Perth. Read more about her story here.

Emma Matthews, school chaplain

June 2012 news:

The World DIAKONIA Executive are meeting in Denmark in the last week of July. Amongst the business they are discussing is the program for the World DIAKONIA Assembly in Berlin in 2013, July 1-8th. Will be a wonderful time. Please consider attending (held once every four years).

At the 13th triennial Assembly of the UCA, there is a proposal in relation to the 20th anniversary of the recognition and ordination of the first Deacons (1992). You might like to check it out here.

Rev Luna Dingyan will be the guest speaker at the Thursday night dinner at the Deacons conference in the first week of July. He is a minister and key leader of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines and the President of the Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Baguio, the Philippines.  ETS has pioneered a curriculum and pattern of delivery that responds to the missional priorities of the UCCP among the poor of the Philippines.  It grounds biblical and theological studies in community development, human rights and Christian leadership.  Luna’s theological research has been in the area of “a Christology of solidarity”.  He is a fine scholar and educator, and an inspirational church leader. What a privilege to have Luna speak at the conference (he’s also a Bible Study leader at the 13th Assembly of the UCA in Adelaide in July).

Rev Luna Dingayan, UCCP (Philippines)

James Godrey (Deacon Candidate, Vic/Tas) is currently in Vanuatu on a short field placement, organized as part of his formation for ministry. Other Deacon candidates have had similar cross-cultural placements with partner churches as part of their formation – if it’s something you’d like to explore, talk with your theological college and Uniting World (Kathy Periera).

The World DIAKONIA Executive meet in Denmark in the last week of June. Here’s the press release sent out today. Please uphold the meeting in prayer as the Executive hear reports from the regions, and discuss diakonia in its many forms around the world. press release engl 210612

Great news that Craig Batty (Queensland) is being ordained on 28th June, and will begin his placement at Indooroopilly Uniting Church as the children’s, youth and families minister on 1st July. Congratulations, Craig!

Came across an interesting read in this online version of the journal Cross Purposes, featuring an article written by James Godfrey (UCA Deacon candidate) and one by Chris Duxbury (UCA Deacon). There’s also a review of Sara Miles’ book, Take this bread. All worth a read! Cross Purposes Edition 19, 2009.

DUCA business meeting – reports: Reports are posted for WA Synod, Northern Synod, SA Synod, Queensland Synod and NSW-ACT Synod, as well as DUCA Executive report and Treasurer’s report – quick link here.

Karen Mitchell-Lambert (NSW) will conclude her placement at Cromer UC on 19th August, and take up a placement at Wesley UCA, Castle Hill as the Deacon specialising in children, family, youth and community development.

WCC Conference on DIAKONIA: “Diakonia is an alternative form of power which consists precisely in serving. If we transfer this insight into the social and political realm, the question is then to what extent structures of power can be permeated by the spirit of service,” said Dr Walter Altmann, moderator of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Central Committee. Altmann was delivering a keynote address at a WCC conference on “The Theology of Diakonia for the 21st Century” in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 2 June 2012. More info on the Diakonia in the UCA blogsite.

UC SA Historical Society – focus on diaconate
As part of the celebrations for the 20th year since the first Deacons were ordained, the UC SA Historical invited SA Deacons to prepare the newsletter. This has been printed and distributed. We’re now working on a national edition with contributions from Deacons in other Synods. Copies can be made available for the people attending Assembly, as well as uploaded to the UCA Diakonia website and possibly the Assembly website. Here’s what we have so far. We’d LOVE to hear from UC Deacons who are able to contribute. Ideally 500 words, but as you can see, the length varies a great deal. Here’s the draft thus far: Occasional Papers_Draft 1_29May2012

Rev Adam Tretheway and Rev Christa Megaw (International Mission Officers, SA Synod) are visiting partner churches in Korea. Here’s a photo of them near the border.

Rev Christa Megaw & Rev Adam Tretheway in Korea

May 2012 news:

Rev Heather den Houting has commenced her role as Director of Mission at Blue Care. Here’s an article with more information.

Registrations for the Deacons Conference in July are coming in. As of mid-May, there are  36 for the full conference. There’s still time to register – we would love to see a good turn out for the conference, which will provide really worthwhile learning, and an opportunity for networking and encouragement. Scroll down a little further for the registration details.

Congratulations to Priscilla Hein, who has been accepted as a candidate for the Ministry of Deacon in SA. This brings the total of Deacon candidates to 10 in South Australia, 16 altogether in the UCA. Priscilla (Sil) is working in aged care, a recognized Ministry of Pastor placement.

Synod reports for DUCA Business Meeting in July 2012 being uploaded onto the website as they are received (password protected).

DUCA Conference (first week of July) – conference flyer has been updated.
REVISED Registration Form God is Where
Here’s the link to make direct payments to United Theological College: Please note: early bird date has been extended to May 15th 😆

April 2012 news:

July DUCA Conference: For those who need to travel, please arrange flights asap, as travel equalisation system will work on a ‘reasonable’ fare rather than last minute bookings. Travel equalisation only applies to financial members of DUCA. (Note: system of travel equalisation is being discussed at present and there may be some changes in the future).

Deaconess Win Hilliard – obituary
Rev Bill Edwards has written an obituary for Deaconess Win Hilliard, published in The Advertiser (Adelaide) on 7th April. The original text is here.

A tribute to the life of Deaconess Win Hilliard

March 2012 news:

Elaine Ledgerwood (Deacon candidate) will be commissioned as the Pastor at Rowethorpe (WA) on Sunday 25th March. The venue is the Sutton Centre, and the commissioning will take place from 3-4pm. WA Deacons are encouraged to support Elaine on this significant occasion.

SA Deacons will be interested to know about the induction of Rev Judy Knowling into the role of Chaplain at Royal Adelaide Hospital at 2pm on 22nd March in the RAH Chapel. All welcome to come along and support Judy.

Congratulations to Adam Tretheway who has accepted a 0.5 position as Deacon at St Andrews by the sea at Glenelg, starting later in March. Induction service planned for Sunday 1st April at 4pm.

Congratulations to Val Aumann who celebrated 50 years since commissioning as a Deaconess on March 4th. What a milestone!

February 2012 news:

DUCA biennial conference – July 2012 – update re fees, registration etc.

God is Where flyer – registration information

Heather den Houting is concluding her placement at Kenmore UC on Easter Sunday, and moving to a new placement as Director of Mission at Blue Care, the Queensland agency responsible for providing care and support for the elderly, people with a disability and others in their time of need.

Rev Dr Alison McRae will be presenting a public lecture on September 9th in Adelaide as part of the 20th celebrations of the renewal of the diaconate, and the first ordination of Deacons in 1992. More details published as they become available.

DIAKONIA News provides a broad range of current news from the DIAKONIA World Federation, including the three regions (DAP – DIAKONIA Asia Pacific; DRAE – DIAKONIA Region Africa Europe; DOTAC – DIAKONIA of the Americas and Caribbean). Definitely worth a read! Contributions always welcome (Sandy Boyce is the English Editor for DIAKONIA News). Click on the banner on the right hand side for DIAKONIA News – February 2012.

Rev Graham Anson began work on 1st Feb at Uniting Mission and Education, a new unit set up in the NSW Synod. His new role is New Initiatives and Congregational Development Consultant. He joins Kath Merrifield, Geoff Wellington and Bronwyn Murphy. Feb 1st also celebrates 21 years of Graham begin in full time ministry in the UCA. Congratulations, Graham!

Rev Dr Alison Macrae will be leading the Bible Studies for the Deacon Intensive (formation for candidates for Ministry of Deacons in UCA, to be held in Sydney 2012 in the last week of June). Alison’s doctoral thesis was titled, De-Centred Ministry: A Diaconal View of Mission and Church.

January 2012 news:

Deaconess Win Hilliard passed away on 2nd January 2012. She will be remembered for her faithful years of diaconal ministry at Ernabella, SA. A brief overview of her ministry has been uploaded here.

The planning team for the UCA Deacons 2012 Conference has prepared a brochure. The conference will be the first week of July 2012 in Sydney. All Deacons in the UCA are welcome to attend. There will also be an opportunity to celebrate the 20th year of ordination of Deacons in the UCA.

God is Where Conference flyer

The SA Deacons met for an informal lunch on 22nd January to plan ahead for 2012. The story is posted on the DUCA blogsite. Here’s a photo of the group.

SA Deacons January 2012 gathering

Rev Karyl Davison has been inducted into a new placement at Eaton Community College in Bunbury, Western Australia. Karyl will be in placement with the Wellington Regional Mission, with responsibility for Collie,Waterloo and Harvey congregations and the Eaton/Millbridge Project – being church in the community for a new housing development.

Congratulations to Aimee Kent, ordained as a Deacon in the UCA, 14th January 2012

Rev Lesley deGrussa-Macauley was inducted into a new placement at Albany Wesley Uniting Church, on 21st January, 2012. The church is one of the oldest in Albany.

Congratulations, Aimee!

Rev Karyl Davison’s induction


Occasional papers: exploring issues relevant to diaconal ministry in the Uniting Church in Australia.

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